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Awards and Achievements

The CFBP-Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Fair Business Practices (CFBP), 2011


Apollo CV Best Practice of the Year Award, 2012


CEAT India Road Transport Award for Excellence in Personnel Management, 2010, 2011, 2012

CEAT India Road Transport Award for Excellence in Personnel Management and Customer Service, 2012


Ashok Shah was recently felicitated as:”Jewel of Gujarat” for his immense contribution to the transport industry, society and knowledge sharing at various platforms.



INDIA CARGO AWARDS, Best Logistics Service Surface North and East.


ELSC Best Express Cargo Service Provider of the Year.




Corporate Social Responsibility

V-Xpress has contributed at various times to people, communities, NGOs and other facilitators in floods, earthquakes, and other disasters that have put people in extreme situations.

V-Xpress has contributed with free transportation to relief areas in support to emergency situations. Food, water and clothes have been transported to cyclone hit and earthquake hit areas to bring relief. In addition to these measures, V-Xpress continues to contribute consistently to the upliftment of society through contributions to education and providing homes for the homeless.






Fully Air Conditioned and Computerized Panchayat Ghar at Patri Village

Mr A K Shah visualises and believes in Narendra Modi’s vision of a modern India with investment in the rural areas. With this thought, he funded a Panchayat office in Patri Village with modern amenities. This initiative is probably the first of its kind in Gujarat. In this project, Mr K K Shah leaded dialogues with the government to provide electricity, telephone lines, and roads to this village. The building of the office with latest technology and a global corporate look was to bring to reality the beliefs of Mr K K Shah.


Protecting the Environment

Protecting the environment

Fleet Management:

  1. Restricting fuel emissions from all our vehicles.
  2. No overloading of vehicles to increase the chances of fuel emissions, accidents and damage to roads
  3. Encourage use of petro cards to monitor the quality of fuel used by our vehicles

Environmental initiatives:

To be able to protect sparrows that are fast disappearing we have built nesting spaces for them at our Gandhidham and Rajkot centers.


V-Trans has also introduced several initiatives to protect the environment both directly and indirectly:

Initiatives which have a direct effect on the environment:

  • With a view to conserve our natural resources we have set up solar panels at most hubs. The lighting system in some of our hubs operates on solar energy. Especially at our Vapi Super Hub solar energy is used to operate the hot water geysers used by the approximately 200 labourers, drivers and staff staying there.
  • Rain harvesting techniques (recharging of water) has also been introduced at our Vapi Super Hub, Aslali, and Neelmangala and Gandhidham premises prevent depleting our resources further.
  • We had a sapling planting drive at Vapi in association with the Vapi Industrial Association, whereby employees planted around 200 saplings marked with their individual names on them, thus making them responsible for their individual sapling.
  • At Golden chokdi transshipment, Baroda we have planted 12 trees.
  • At Gandhidham we have planted around 150 saplings of neem suitable for surviving in the local environmental conditions.
  • To maintain food chain balance, at Rudanagar, Rajkot and Gandhidham we have created 30-40 nesting spaces for sparrows where they could rear their young ones. This will soon be replicated in Bangalore and Vapi.
  • With 99% of our branches computerized, we have handed over the responsibility of recycling our ewaste to Eco Recycling Ltd.

Initiatives which are beneficial to the environment in an indirect way:

  • 99% of our branches are computerized, thus all transactions are done online, reducing the use of paper. All paper used in the office is reused and recycled.
  • We have set up environment friendly water coolers at all our regions to offer cool water to the citizens at large.

In recognition of the above initiatives we have won the CEAT India Road Transportation award for Environment Conservation for the year 2011.

HR Initiatives for Laborers and Drivers

V-Xpress employees are an integral contributor to the company’s success. Our drivers are the soldiers leading our battalion towards growth with their tireless and punctual driving to transport cargo to and from our locations. As we understand their difficulties of long hours of driving, often overnight and the risks involved in their jobs, we focus on their nutrition, hygiene and provide infrastructure for their comfort. We coordinate with our meal providers to serve nutritious and balanced meals wholesome meals.

VGuide :Spiritual guidance:
The risks of employment in the transport industry is of life and of way of life. Often our drivers are lured towards many vices. They travel to multiple regions with different cultures, foods and facilities. To counter the stress from this, drivers often resort to tobacco and alcohol for relief. We arrange workshops to bring a balance and communicate the importance of abstaining from such habits. These platforms bring information, access to platforms where they can seek help and the possibility of saving their health with spiritual guidance