My V-xpress Branch

MY V-XPRESS BRANCH™ is manned by our dedicated
V-Xpress Expert. From keeping a track of pick-up,
its documentation, to its set out and on-time delivery, he takes
care of everything. Thus offering you time to get more efficient,
strong, and popular or summarize it as ‘time for more’.


My V-Xpress Branch™, is an in-house set up
customized to cater to solely your logistic needs
that too at zero investment cost.
My V-xpress Branch

  • Within Your Location
  • Zero Investment
  • 0% Missed Pickups
  • 100% Instant Response
  • Access to e-Cargo ERP
  • Faster & Error Free Deliveries
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email us at:
or call xpress line: 9870 242 243

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