Industry Expertise

V-Xpress is an expert on logistics solutions for various industries.
We help our customer to achieve shorter turnaround times, instant product upgrades
and changes, change in policies and consumer demands.

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Industry Expertise

Automobile Ancillary

The automobile ancillary industry is of spare parts that make a whole. Automobile companies today face challenges of product upgrades, new designs, latest technologies, and a highly involved consumer. Trust us to to assemble these components with efficiency to optimize your supply chain management.

  • Speedy & accurate deliveries of your shipment.
  • National presence with multi modal services.
  • Reduced transit times with support of technology and infrastructure.
  • Reduced inventory levels with On Time deliveries.
  • Faster and reliable post sales services to achieve customer and partner satisfaction.
  • Services in tune with your manufacturing priorities.

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We are a group of companies where we have 17 manufacturing units across India and I handle supply chain management from the corporate office in Bangalore which cover the whole group of industries. V-Xpress has become a very useful partner in our progress. The care that is taken to our material from the point of lifting till the point of delivery to our customer, its very very commendable job that they are doing. The timely delivery of material with utter care without any damages to component, we are very happy with their performance.
Mr. Manjunath M, DGM Purchase – Corporate

Mr. Manjunath M, DGM Purchase – Corporate

Suprajit Engineering
We are manufacturing engine valves which are used in ICR engines life 2 wheelers, 4 wheelers and automotive valves. We are rendering V-Xpress services since last 6 years. Before that we have taken service of some other logistics where the transit time and response war very poor compared to V-Xpress. When we found V-Xpress, we are very comfortable to transport our goods to reach our customers fast. Our reputed customer like MSIL, Hero Motocorp, they keep inventory for few hours only. Every 4-5 hours we have to dispatch material to our customer. In that way, we are using services from V-Xpress where response is fast and service is good. We are getting the expected level of service.
Mr. B Edukondalu, Deputy Manager – Sales, Admin and Excise

Mr. B Edukondalu, Deputy Manager – Sales, Admin and Excise

Rane Engine Valve
When we started with V-Xpress, we only kept one condition that the service level has to be above 90%. They have been meeting the serivce level almost every time The best part about V-Xpress was the Feedback system, the MIS. Those were coming, are coming very regularly.
Mr. V. V. Benugopal, General Manager- Operations

Mr. V. V. Benugopal, General Manager- Operations

Mahindra Logistics
V-Xpress has been associated with MRF Corp. for the past 5 years. V-Xpress helps MRF Corp to deliver their consignment in in all remote places across India. Also, as far as cost reduction is concerned, V-Xpress has a very big fleet. hence timely solutions to transport of goods.
Mr. K.Sriprasad, Corporate Manager – Accounts

Mr. K.Sriprasad, Corporate Manager – Accounts

MRF Corp
Premium Coating is one of the specialized pain product companies and we started in 1996. It is basically to meet the niche market in our country which is largely based on import substitutes. We are finding that V-Xpress delivery at that point is appreciable because our customer service has improved. We have got customers who tell that send though V-Xpress only. Don't send by this and that.
Mr. V.N.Dubey, Director

Mr. V.N.Dubey, Director

Premium Coatings & Chemicals