Group V
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Pan India Presence
Delivering to 4500+ locations, covering 24 States & 3 U.T's,
270+ Branches and 20 Hubs across India
Mr. Shoumil Shah
Logistics Manager
Flair Pens Ltd.
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Multi Modal Logistics Solutions
Get the most efficient combination of transport
modes, keeping your costs in control
Mr. Manjunath M
DGM Purchase - Corporate
Suprajit Engineering Ltd.
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Safe and Reliable
Extra safe handling of your high value consignment
at every stage from pick up to delivery
Mr. Alok Agarawal
Senior Manager
Sun Life Sciences
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On-time Delivery
Helping you to gain repeat orders through
timely delivery
Mr. Arnab Chakraborty
Supply Chain Manager
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Real time tracking
Instant updates on your consignment at every
stage of transit
Mr. Dinesh Yadav
Manager - Logistics
Hush India Pvt. Ltd.
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Reducing Inventory
Just in time delivery of your consignments resulting in
efficient inventory management
Mr. J.N. Agarwal
Managing Director
Jaipan Industries Ltd
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Increased Profitability
Increase your through put and boost in fill rates
by cost effective logistics solutions
Mr. Tarun Narula
Sr. Manager-Merchandising
Apollo Pharmacy
New Delhi

Customer Spotlights

  • V-Xpress has slowly and steadily increased their presence in the market. The locations have increased whereby we could give our goods to them to be shipped to our suppliers. When we give our material to V-Xpress, it is very convenient for us and we are confident of their promises of on-time supplies. We track the consignments online and we see that the delivery is on time. Looking at the price-in the logistics terms, the price is very competitive and it is quite lower than TNT.

    Mr. Kartik Patel,
    CEO Canberra Chemicals, Baroda
  • The care taken of our material from the point of lifting till the point of delivery to our customer is commendable. The timely delivery of material with extreme care without causing any damages to the component or the packages is an important factor which V-Xpress is taken care of and we are very happy with their performance. Also, I get updates every half an hour or every hour on the track-shipment of the component. That way we were able to track it and the time taken to deliver the goods is minimal.

  • Our association with V-Xpress is of nearly 8 to 10 years and I hope that this relationship matures and continues for years to come. We are satisfied with the services, especially the freight forwarding services, and they have done a fantastic job in attending to our needs and problems. Because of V-Xpress’s economical rate, I think we might have saved 20 – 25 % on our transportation cost, which happens to be a huge figure when we take the overall data. One thing which clearly makes V-Xpress different from the others freight forwarders like Fedex, Bluedart, since we also take their help, is the customer relationship management system that is in place. It is easy to communicate to them.

    Mr. Bhavya Desai,
    Co-Partner Optilab, Baroda
  • Our company imports world class interlining and garment accessories and supplies to all leading brands in India and to the leading exporters. The role of logistics, which V-Xpress is playing, is a vital one. Since we have signed the contract with V-Xpress, I don’t remember any customer so far having complained about the late delivery of the consignment. Even in the MIS reports that come from V-Xpress, I have seen that the consignment has been delivered on the same day as the estimated date of delivery and in most of the cases it has been delivered 1 day before. So this is very appreciable. We have certainly benefited.

    Mr. Prem Chand,
    Manager - Sales Welco Agencies Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon
  • We are manufacturing engine valves which are used in ICE engines like 2 wheelers, 4 wheelers and automotive valves. We are rendering V-Xpress services since last 6 years. Before that we had taken services from any other logistics, where the transit time and response was very poor compared to V-Xpress. We can comfortably and speedily transport our goods to our customers with V-Xpress. Our reputed customers like MSIL, Hero Motocorp keep inventory of only a few hours. Every 4-5 hours we have to dispatch material to our customers. In that way, we are using services from V-Xpress where response is fast and the service is good. We are getting the expected level of service.

    Mr. B. Edukondalu,
    Deputy Manager Rane Engine Valve Ltd., Chennai
  • They render very fast delivery. The benefit that I derived was that if, for example, if my goods were to be delivered in 2-3 days and V-Xpress delivers in 2-3 days, then the repetition of orders from my customers increases. Due to fast delivery, efficient delivery, good people, timely supply, careful handling of supply, consignment quantity sent to my distributors and buyers has not been damaged in transit which is 3 to 7% cost to me. Due to fast delivery, the repetition of orders has also been fast, which has resulted in 10 to 20% profit benefit, delivery benefit, business turnovers benefit, whichever way you look at it. Overall V-Xpress has provided a very good experience to me.

    Mr. J.N.Agrawal,
    Managing Director Jaipan Industries Ltd., Mumbai
  • Excipients House is a nascent pharmaceutical trading house wherein we import and represent couple of multinational companies for their Food, Pharma and Nutraceutical ingredients for the Indian market. We intend to move ahead with V-Xpress and we find the association going good as of now for the last 3 years. Our products have reached to the customer on time, with direct coordination with our customer, and ensuring that they get the material on time, in case of any emergency. After ensuring on-time delivery of the consignment, we have got good commercial orders from the client.

    Mr. Vikram Chordia,
    Managing Director Excipients House, Chennai
  • ASL looks after warehousing, distribution and logistics and exists for the past 10 years. Apart from Pune, we have 55 other branches. V-Xpress was referred to us by our client in Bangalore For our logistics needs, apart from V-Xpress, we have other vendors too. But the best thing about V-Xpress is the service that is rendered before time or on time. In comparison to other transporters, from the time we have started working with V-Xpress, we have made a profit of nearly 25% as they have several branches covering many locations.

    Mr. Pankaj Dikshit,
    Warehouse Manager AKZONOBEL, Pune

Focus Industries

  • Automobile Ancillary

    Automobile components that we deliver include Chassis, Engine, Tires, Tools and various other parts of automobiles.

  • Electronics & Electricals

    Electronics and Electrical Goods such as LCD/LED TV, Air Conditioners, Dish Antennas, Switch Boards, Wire Roles &, etc. needs extra care while conducting logistics activities.

  • Engineering Goods & Spare Parts

    We cater to reputed engineering companies to conduct logistics activities for all kinds of Machinery Parts, Tools as well as Whole Machines.

  • Garments

    In the Textile industry, we help deliver Ready-made Garments, Fabrics, Yarn and Linen across the country.

  • FMCG

    We provide efficient and state-of-the-art logistics facilities for the FMCG products such as Biscuits, Tooth Paste, Soap, Shampoo & various other cosmetics.

  • IT & Peripherals

    For the growing sector of IT & ITES businesses, we carry logistics functions for the supply of Laptop, Mouse, Monitor, CPU, Printer and many other hardware items.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    We offer efficient just-in-time delivery of finished goods which is crucial in Pharma industry to avoid stock outs and ensure Pan India availability.

  • Stationery & Packaging

    We offer logistics activity for all kinds of printed Stationery & Office Stationery.

Why Choose V-Xpress?


We have deployed progressive logistical operational infrastructure to offer world-class, consistently reliable services to our customers


Our merit is based on highest standards of world class quality and efficiency, Can-Do solutions and trusted, incorruptible business practices


We leverage state-of-the-art Information Technology ecosystem to have seamless access to relevant information and data from our network of interconnected hubs


We have a dynamic leadership, a motivated management team, and an inspired and self-driven taskforce of over 700 people. That constitutes the winning team at V-Xpress.

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