Industry Expertise

V-Xpress is an expert on logistics solutions for various industries.
We help our customer to achieve shorter turnaround times, instant product upgrades
and changes, change in policies and consumer demands.

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Industry Expertise


FMCG companies need a partner with expertise in inventory management, supply management, technology and network. With expertise in speedy, accurate and efficient logistics services. V-Xpress is an excellent partner with national presence, multi-modal services, upgraded technology and infrastructure.

  • Speedy & accurate deliveries of your shipment.
  • National presence with multi modal services.
  • Reduced transit times with support of technology and infrastructure.
  • Reduced inventory levels with On Time deliveries.
  • Faster and reliable post sales services to achieve customer and partner satisfaction.
  • Services in tune with your manufacturing priorities.

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Tarun Narula, My margins have grown 5 to 10%, my Logistics cost which has gone down to 0.5%. If we see the fill rate of these regional DCs, earlier the fill rate was Approx. 75 to 76%. Now, of course with the timely delivery with the help of V-Xpress It has really helped to boost the fill rate to 85% or in some places it has reached up to 86 to 88%.
Mr. Tarun Narula, Senior Manager – Merchandising

Mr. Tarun Narula, Senior Manager – Merchandising

Apollo Pharmacy
New Delhi
V-Xpress stands out probably for the Customer oriented approach. Definitely, we have seen them doing a very good job in terms of Providing the vehicles on time, reaching the products on time and things like that.
Mr. VVS Mani, Director- Operations

Mr. VVS Mani, Director- Operations

UNIBIC Biscuits India Pvt.