HR Initiatives for Laborers and Drivers

V-Xpress employees are an integral contributor to the company’s success. Our drivers are the soldiers leading our battalion towards growth with their tireless and punctual driving to transport cargo to and from our locations. As we understand their difficulties of long hours of driving, often overnight and the risks involved in their jobs, we focus on their nutrition, hygiene and provide infrastructure for their comfort. We coordinate with our meal providers to serve nutritious and balanced meals wholesome meals.

VGuide :Spiritual guidance:
The risks of employment in the transport industry is of life and of way of life. Often our drivers are lured towards many vices. They travel to multiple regions with different cultures, foods and facilities. To counter the stress from this, drivers often resort to tobacco and alcohol for relief. We arrange workshops to bring a balance and communicate the importance of abstaining from such habits. These platforms bring information, access to platforms where they can seek help and the possibility of saving their health with spiritual guidance