V-Xpress Multimodal Logistic Services

V-Xpress Delivering through Road and Air Transportation

V-Xpress is a trusted name when it comes to logistics services. Logistic services can become reliable only if it can cover all the major areas in transportation and shipment. V-Xpress covers multimodal logistic services by road, and air transportation. V-Xpress takes charge of moving the cargo from origin to destination using every possible required mode of transport.

V-Xpress Services for Industries

Our expertise in cargo handling and delivery makes us the preferred logistics services provider for industries. We are committed to safe, timely and accurate deliveries of cargo. We have a strong network of communication ensuring timely deliveries. We have also infrastructure in place for the safety of delicate cargo that we handle with utmost care.

V-Xpress Multimodal Logistic Services

With our multimodal logistic services expanding our reach to multiple modes of transportation enables us to reach every nook and corner of the country. Including air, and road modes of transportation, we can make deliveries in any part of the country on time addressing requirements of urgency too. This makes us the number 1 choice for individuals as well as industries (Pharma companies) to deliver their cargo timely with safety.

V-Xpress Logistics On Road Services

We have our quality assured standard vehicles ensuring cargo shipment is delivered with safety. Our specially designed contenrised vehicles assure the safety of cargo from dampness any kind of damage or shortage of cargo. We have a vast and strong network across the nation. Our fleet is attached with GPS systems that help us monitor our vehicles at every point of delivery. We track the movement of cargo from the point of origin to its destination through our GPS for certain timely deliveries.

V-Xpress Network and Logistic Services

ways is the most reliable factor connecting parts of India from one to another. A logistic service that uses as a means of transport for their cargo and shipment is automatically connected to every part of India. So is V-Xpress logistic services. We have expanded our reach of stations in various parts of the country so we can effectively deliver to all those areas.

V-Xpress On Air Logistic Services

Here at V-Xpress, we understand that not all cargos are the same. Different cargos have different requirements. Goods may decay quickly, may have storage conditions. Delivery requirements may include urgency. Understanding all these needs, we at V-Xpress have included air transportation mediums in our network for faster and more accurate deliveries.

V-Xpress has evolved with time matching advanced requirements of delivery. We have years of experience in logistic services that help us provide the best services to our customers. Our multimodal services expand our reach to every nook and corner of the country and at the same time enable us for faster deliveries for cargos that have an urgent requirement. Our infrastructure helps us keep your cargo with us safely. V-Xpress is one of the best logistics services providers in India with a wide reach, safe handling and speed for timely deliveries.