New Warehouse Opening in Raliawas

A warehouse with Modern Facilities and Amenities for Goods Protection

A warehouse is an integral part of logistics services. At V-Xpress we realize the importance of a warehouse. A cargo goes through various phases before reaching the destination that requires storing the product. Our warehouses help for the entire production process, from manufacturing to delivering the product to the end-user. We supply raw materials to the industries and products to the customer. We have more than 9,00,000 square feet of space in our warehouses. Our warehouses are constructed with modern technology that complies with maximum fire and safety protection.

New warehouse in Raliawas

The new warehouse that is about to open in Raliawas, stand-by the highest development modules that provides safety from all threats. The warehouse is devised to store products with efficiency and accuracy. Warehouse floors have lithium silicate densification that enables the floor with a load-bearing capacity of 6 ton/square meter. The warehouse has a 24×7 power backup available for smooth and uninterrupted operations.

Warehouse Management

The warehouse is incomplete without transportation and we at V-Xpress have expertise in transportation through our vehicles. We carry out quality control by keeping a record of the exact size, weight and any other important aspect of the product to deliver with accuracy. We store products in our warehouses so that industries can meet the orders placed by customers. We make sure that the cargo is delivered to the customer timely and safely.

Effective Goods In and out Movement

At V-Xpress, our warehouses are designed for hassle-free storing and dispatch of cargo. To accomplish this, we have provided an extended arena on all four sides for convenient transport movement. We have enough parking space at our warehouses to accommodate 45 large trucks at once. Our warehouses have 20 feet and 26 feet shade for weatherproof operations. The warehouse has 6 functional docs on both sides that are 14.8 x 14.8 feet wide providing for smooth loading and unloading of cargo.

Experienced Staff for Operations

We at V-Xpress have experienced staff to handle all operations in the warehouse. They handle tasks like documenting goods received, proper storage, recording stocks, and releasing stocks efficiently. We have also implemented electrical and battery-operated forklifts for the inside handling of goods. Battery operated and hydraulic pallet trucks are in place for effective handling of goods by our manual staff.

Safety at V-Xpress Warehouses

Our warehouses are designed for the safety of goods inside from various threats. We make them weatherproof by adding insulation inside the warehouse so that the goods inside remains unaffected from the weather outside. It protects perishable goods or goods that are affected by temperature. We have eliminated the threat of catching fires in our electrical wires by installing flameproof electrical fixtures inside the warehouse. All the batteries used in different machines are charged outside the building in a separate battery charging area to avoid any accidental damage to goods by catching fire.