Excellence, Redefined.

It’s an honour to be recognised for the work we have done with excellence.

V-Trans had very humble beginnings. We started as a logistical solutions company with a core focus on transforming how logistics work in our nation. However, from the very beginning, our core values were etched into the stone for us. Our founding fathers laid down the very first stepping stone that drew our bridge to excellence through their values, ethics and beliefs.

We have come a long way since then. For six decades now, we have served our clients, nurtured our mentees and collaborated with experts in the industry. Our only goal was to be sincere in our work, to put in an honest effort in not just growing ourselves, but taking up our clients, partners and industry ahead with us too.

This is why we feel proud when our efforts are recognised. It’s an honour to be recognised for doing our client’s work with all sincerity towards this industry.

Recognizing our excellence in logistics, transport and supply chain services, the confederation of Indian industry SCALE awards awarded V-Trans with “Overall Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain”. This award signifies the trust that our clients and customers as well as our partners have put in us, along with the dedication of our employees that have worked tirelessly for this. This award is a recognition of all their efforts, that combined have driven V-Trans to excellence as we continue improving sincerely.

V-Trans is a symbol of reliability. This is also true for our sister organisations. Recognising the safety efforts that V-Logis has enabled in chemical logistics solutions, we were awarded the prestigious “Safety Champion Company of the Year” in the category of warehouse excellence by the 2nd Annual Warehouse and Logistics Excellence Awards 2021.

During our journey as a logistics solutions organisation, we have focused keenly on bringing more and more dynamic solutions so that your desired logistics reach you right on your doorstep. V-Express is our ode to this service segment. Recognising our efforts in revolutionising the Express services of the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry, V-Express was awarded “The Express Logistics Company of the Year” award. Our Executive Director, Mr Aditya Shah, V-Express’s COO Mr Rajiv Bhattacharya and NSM Mr Shridhar Naik received this prestigious award at the 2nd Annual Warehouse and Logistics Excellence Awards 2021 for V-Express.

These awards are a testament to our efforts, to our client’s faith, to our partner’s trust, to our employee’s sincerity. These awards are a milestone that will raise our morale as we keep on striving to provide the best logistics and supply chain solutions to our clients and continue growing this industry as a whole.