V-Xpress The most Preferred Logistic services in India

Your Trusted Partner for Safe and Timely Pharma Deliveries Across India

V-Xpress Logistic Services is serving you since 20 years. Formerly known as Vijay Transports Limited, our company is proud to be a division of V-Trans India. We are providing our valuable services and serving with excellence with agile management practices to ensure timely and safe deliveries.

We are committed to our duties with our 24×7 services at our branches across the nation. We have the widest reach of customers that rely on our services with excellence. We have achieved successful deliveries via organization building in our company. Our IT-enabled infrastructure helps us to provide the best services to our customer’s satisfaction.

We have gained efficiency in our work by making timely and safe deliveries across all these years for individual customers as well as various industries. We have established a widespread network of branches across India to cater for the delivery needs of growing industries. Our effectiveness and experience in handling and delivering various industries products make us a good choice for all industries including the Pharma industry as well.

Major Reasons to Choose Us

Our services are available 24x7x365 at our branches for ensuring delivery with accuracy. We also deliver through road along with rail and air for faster deliveries with accuracy. Our people are skilled and committed towards their job with the expertise of handling cargo of various industries with care and effectiveness. We are your reliable partner for delivering your cargo in time with proper handling and care.

We are Tech-Empowered

We have included updated technology for connecting with customers in today’s digital era. We are delivering cargo with speed and accuracy with the help of our technology. Our technology has enabled us for monitoring vehicle movements 24x7x365 for assuring the safety of your consignment. We have a modern and updated GPS technology attached to the entire fleet for effective monitoring at any point of delivery.

Our Special Services

We have a special arrangement for special cases. Our weatherproof warehouses at all locations ensure the safety of your cargo through various stages of the shipment process. We have in place mechanized handling of equipment at major hubs and trans-shipment centres for additional protection of cargo that needs special care. Our efficient and specialized V-Xpress MyPackage fleet offers delivery for delicate, high value and special cargos with special care. High-end technology is implemented to help customers stay updated through the web-based tracking system. Customers receive a real-time update on our website, via email and SMS to track the status of delivery of their cargo. It makes it easier to choose and trust us for delivery of cargo and parcels of high importance.

Our Strong Network

We have connected all our centres, branches and hubs through VPN to ensure accurate, efficient and speedy deliveries across the nation. It helps us get hands-on real-time data through MIS and databases on cargo status at any point of delivery. We track cargo from the point of pick up to the point of delivery across all destinations and modes of delivery in between.

V-Xpress logistic service is the best choice in India for your cargo shipment. We implement best practices to ensure safe deliveries with accuracy. V-Xpress makes sure that your cargo is delivered safely on time with complete customer satisfaction.