“BOX N SHIP Services for individuals” (V-Xpress)

V-Xpress provides logistics solutions across India. We have expertise in packaging and shipping goods from one place to another across the country. We hold years of experience in the business of picking up cargos and delivering them from door to door. At V-Xpress we also provide goods packaging and moving services for those who are shifting from one place to another. Following are 10 reasons why you should choose V-Xpress Box N Ship services.

Smooth Transition

Shifting from one location to another is not easy when it comes to moving all household items. Especially if you are moving to another town. Packing and moving goods become smooth with V-Xpress Box N Ship services. Choose us to help you move.

Special Services for Students

Students moving to campus will get special services and student discounts. Leave the worries of your stuff on to us. We will deliver your goods with safety on time. We are also affordable.

Covers all Locations

At V-Xpress we cover all the major locations across the country. We deliver through rail and our vehicles. Any location or distance, we have got it covered.

Affordable Pick-Up and Delivery Services

V-Xpress provides quality service at affordable prices. Our plans include goods packaging and moving. All our plans fall within your budget.

No Extra Charge

We do not conduct any charges for boxes weighing up to 25 kg with proper documentation support. For boxes more than 25 kg, minimum charges apply.

Free Insurance

V-Xpress insures your valuable goods so that you are free from all worries. Don’t worry as your goods are in safe hands. Insurance is to cover any worst-case scenario.

Timely Deliveries

V-Xpress has a track record of delivering goods on time. Our fleet, dedicated team members, customer support and tracking services assure timely deliveries.

Multiple Payment Options

Choose how you would like to pay. Make a cash payment, scan the QR code or use your debit card. All payment options are accepted at V-Xpress.

Dedicated Customer Support

Dedicated 24×7 customer support for answering all your queries and clearing all your doubts. Call us any time without any hesitation.

Tracking of Goods

Track the location of your goods on our website or download our app from the play store. Know the current location of your goods anytime. Our GPS attached fleet helps track the goods at any point of delivery.

V-Xpress is a dependable and trusted goods packaging and shipping company. Box n Ship services for individuals facilitates people to move smoothly while the shifting work is done. V-Xpress does all the packaging and moving. Goods are picked up from your present home and delivered at your doorsteps. Timely deliveries, multiple payment options, and tracking of goods on the website and app from the play store make V-Xpress number one choice for shipping.