Simplify Bangalore to Mumbai Logistics Service by Choosing V-Xpress

As a Pan India Logistics Company, we at V-Xpress promise you consignment delivery that is delay free and damage free. You can choose us for Bangalore to Mumbai logistics services as we cater to almost all postal codes available in these cities. You will receive your package within destined time and at the right location. Here is a brief look into how our Pro-6 model (six stages of consignment movement and tracking system), helps in meeting timely delivery of the consignment to your location.

  1. Consignment Booked at the Booking Branch

We provide door-to-door logistics services so that you can experience complete peace of mind. We take urgent orders as well, so if you think you want something delivered urgently, we are open to serve you. Our associate visits you to pick up the consignment and takes it to the booking branch. The cargo is checked properly for quantity, quality, and weight. It is well-packed and a docket is created and details are entered in our in-house e-cargo software and database. The consignment is then loaded into the fleet. The vehicle is sealed with seal of safety. The fleet then moves out of the branch.

  1. Consignment Reached the Booking Hub

The cargo now reaches the booking hub the same day. The hub is thoroughly scrutinized by the hub manager and monitored by CCTVs. This hub is also the centre where goods come from different branches. The consignment is unloaded immediately once it reaches here. They are checked and entry is done in the in-house system against the docket number. We deliver to more than 10,000+ locations including those for Bangalore to Mumbai logistics services you want. We have 20 hubs across the country, which operate 24*7.

  1. Cargo Dispatched to its Destination

The goods are now sorted as per their destination. All entries of the cargo are done in the e-cargo software. The vehicle that carries the consignment is again locked and sealed properly before it leaves for the destination. We mark safety for all the cargo transported by us so that you can be relaxed. We have more than 600 weatherproof vehicles that offer daily pickup and delivery of cargo across India.

  1. Cargo Arrives at Delivery Hub

Now the cargo arrives at the delivery hub and has completed the major part of its journey. Goods are unloaded and checked before being loaded on feeder vehicles for dispatch to the delivery branches. We have mechanized goods handling system for Banglore to Mumbai logistics services, so that we can optimize on time and cost of delivery. E- cargo system is again updated with the docket details.

  1. Consignment Reaches Delivery Branch

The goods after arriving at delivery branch are checked against the docket entries. The cargo is then dispatched for delivery after taking all the necessary precautions. We offer door-to-door logistics services so that your logistics needs are completely taken care of.

  1. Consignment Gets Delivered to the Consignee

This is the final stage of our operational excellence. We at V-Xpress now deliver the consignment at the address of the delivery and hand over the same to the consignee. Delivery happens in time-bound manner and the goods are delivered damage-free, without pilferage and without shortage.

At every stage, branch, and hub, the consignment is closely monitored through CCTV cameras. You can also call us to know the status of your consignment by providing us the docket number or else you can track the same online from our website. We offer real-time tracking at every stage.